Third-Party Claims in Columbus

If you have suffered a serious injury at work due to the negligence of another individual or another company, you may be entitled to more benefits than you are aware. Not only should workers' compensation cover the injury you suffered on the job, but you may also have third-party claims against other individuals for lost wages, medical bills and all other damages you have incurred.

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Obtaining All the Compensation You Are Entitled to With Third-Party Claims

There are many common occurrences that allow injured workers to pursue claims against a third party, including:

  • Being hit by a negligent driver while working
  • Being injured by a defective product
  • Suffering an injury due to a negligently maintained property
  • Being attacked by a dog or other wild animal on the job

If you have been hurt by a third party in your workplace, act fast. Waiting too long to pursue your claim could result in you losing your right to seek compensation for the damages you have incurred.

Can I Sue My Employer as a Third Party?

The give-and-take of the workers' compensation system is that the insurance covers injured workers regardless of how they were hurt, but does not usually allow the workers to sue their employer. This also applies to co-workers in most situations. An experienced lawyer can explain who qualifies as a third party in your circumstances.

Find Out if You Have a Third-Party Claim in Ohio

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