Does Your Business Need A Lawyer For A Workers' Comp Case?

Employers often work with service companies or third-party administrators when handling workers' compensation cases. Although TPAs can provide guidance throughout the process, there are numerous things that an experienced Columbus workers' compensation defense attorney can do that a TPA cannot do.

The Law Office of Christopher A. Flint, LLC, represents employers throughout central Ohio in workers' compensation cases, and attorney Chris Flint is able to offer employers the services they need that TPAs cannot provide, including making arguments about case law, and examining and cross-examining witnesses.

Familiarity Handling Both Sides Of Claims

Attorney Chris Flint represents employers and employees in workers' compensation claims, and his experience with both sides of the process helps him identify the likely progression of cases. Because he knows how cases are likely to unfold, he can help employers build stronger defenses.

Work Injury Lawyer In Franklin County

Attorney Chris Flint has nearly 20 years of experience handling workers' compensation cases. His years of experience and familiarity with the process enable him to provide employers with the cost-effective representation they need, without compromising the results they're looking for.

Learn more about the counsel an experienced lawyer can provide by scheduling a no-cost consultation. The firm can be reached through an online contact form or by calling 800-393-3718.