Columbus Workers' Compensation Defense Lawyer

Dedicated To Workers' Compensation Since 1995

For many businesses, few things are more important than protecting their bottom lines and mitigating unnecessary expenses. However, when unexpected expenses arise — such as paying workers' compensation for injured workers — businesses need experienced Columbus workers' compensation defense attorneys who can protect their rights and their finances.

The Law Office of Christopher A. Flint, LLC, has dedicated his career to handling workers' compensation claims. Attorney Chris Flint represents businesses throughout central Ohio in workers' compensation matters.

Advantages Of Working With A Lawyer Instead Of A TPA

Many employers work with service companies or third-party administrators to handle workers' compensation claims. Although TPAs can be effective, they have limits. There are many advantages of working with an attorney. For example, attorneys can:

  • Make legal arguments about whether something is case law
  • Examine and cross-examine witnesses
  • Make conclusions after reading medical reports

Employer Rights And Representation In Workers' Compensation Claim

The Law Office of Christopher A. Flint, LLC, represents employers whose employees are filing workers' compensation claims. Attorney Chris Flint understands the financial risk these businesses may already be facing, and he provides the representation they need at reasonable rates.

If you have been frustrated because your business is not getting good results at the hearings, an experienced attorney could make the difference. Schedule a no-cost initial consultation through the firm's online contact form or by calling 800-393-3718.